Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mac OS users - call for help :-)

Dear Mac OS users I need your help :-)
For now biggest problem for OOo2GD on Mac OS is opening downloaded documents in

I can do it for files without spaces in name, but I want to add possibility to open files with spaces in name.

And here I need your help. Here you may find ZIP archive with two files.
Those two files are:
plik ze spacjmi w nazwie.ods [it's in Polish "file with space in name.ods", but word space is misspelled ;-)]

You need to unpack it somewhere on your HDD, and click on MacOsTester.jar.
After click you should see something like this:

Next you need to click on all buttons from Metoda 1 to Metoda 11. You should note all buttons which will open your with spreadsheet looking like this:

For test you will need on Mac OS :-) and Java 5.0.

Fell free to share with results in comments to this post or send me e-mail to address .

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