Thursday, October 16, 2008

OOo2GD 1.2.3

After long pause I found time :-) and here it is - version 1.2.3 of OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs.
In this version we have new translation Portuguese (Brazilian), and first try of handling CAPTCHA for Google Docs [CAPTCHA is a picture with letters which human can reads [most of times ;-)] but program can't, and Google Docs sometimes may require CATPCHA to access].


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  1. Great Job..!!

    And Thanks, but i need some help.
    Every time when I'm downloading a file from google docs I get the next messege,

    "Moved Temporarily
    The document has moved here...."

    I'm using openoffice 3.0 in windows vista

    Xcape from México

  2. Getting "Problem: bad request" on uploading certain OO files, while not others.

  3. Please try again upload this file, if it will not work, please send me this file, or name of this file.