Saturday, September 6, 2008

OOo2GD (OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs) 1.2.2

In new version you may find two fixes, and one small cosmetic change.
  • for WebDAV, from now possible is uploading of files with space in name
  • for WebDAV, fixed problem with showing message "File Uploaded" when it wasn't uploaded
  • windows with progress bar and information about uploading in progress will be placed near right bottom screen corner [on primary screen]


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    1. Great! Works fine for me in Google Docs.
      Now wondering if could be possible to add support for Openomy. They have an open APIs and it is becoming popular now that is more mature.
      Thanks a lot!

    2. I will look on it :-) I like idea of adding support for another place to store files :-)

    3. I notice in Version 3.0 RC2 your plugin does not work, or at least not on my three computers (all Apple). Is there something I should/could do to allow this to work on my intel iMac running 10.5.5.

      Everything looks fine, but when you click on Configuration in the File menu nothing happens, nor does anything happen when you click on the small Zoho, Google or WebDAV icons.

    4. It should works on any computer with Sun Java 6.0, or compatible.
      Apple has only Java 5.0 [OK, Java 6.0 exists, but only for 64 bit version of MacOS].