Sunday, June 28, 2009

OOo2GD 1.7.0

After long period, we have it :-) New version v1.7.0 of OOo2GD :-)

What's new?
  • French version

  • all compiled for Java 5

  • unofficial MacOS support - it means, that it sometimes works, and sometimes not ;-)

  • fixed problem with downloading spreadsheets from Google Apps accounts

  • fixed handling of langauges

Additionally in this version you may find support for external translations. Put your translation to home directory [in Windows it is C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\] and from next restart of OOo2GD should use your translation. This is introduction for on-line editor of translations.


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  1. Thank you!
    "All compiled in Java 5" should mean that it works on mac osx 10.4 (i've Java 1.5 installed) ?
    I tried to download and install the new version of your extension, after removing the old one, but no config windows appears as it does on windows.
    Should i post the console output? Maybe in the google code site?

    Thanks anyway,

  2. My fault! I just had the wrong Java machine selected in my option panel.
    The config dialog appears and downloads the list of document.
    But now I have to set the correct path to executable, because the extension can't find it. When the extension asked to locate the executable I gave the path to the file (that is actually a folder in MacOs, so I assume Ooo2gd cannot find the true executable within it). How can I find where the path to the executable is stored to manually edit it? A fresh install doesn't delete the preferences.
    Many thanks again


  3. Point not to but go into this directory and find file which will probably named soffice

    From this what I know with normal on MacOS stays in /Applications/ and path to executable file is /Applications/

  4. Thank you, this is the actual path to the executable, valid both for and But I mean, I don't know where your extension stores the path to the executable. It seems that OOo2GD stored the path up to folder and is unable to find the soffice executable. I found no way to reset the path and tell where the real executable is. A fresh install (remove the extension and install it again) didn't reset the preferences, so I think I have to set the correct path manually. In which file do i find it?
    Thank you in advance.


  5. In your user directory search for gdocs.lang file. I think the best idea will be to delete this file, but you may try to modify it manually in some text editor

  6. Ok, I never thought to look there... I walked through all the folder in the user preferences, thinking that the preference for OOo2GD were stored with all the other stuff! I edited the file manually with the right path and all works, except for the fact that documents with spaces within their names cannot be opened automatically.The error dialogs show that NeoOffice reads the chunks of the filename between spaces as separate paths. Anyway, opening the file manually isn't that pain, and I think that you made the life of the Mac OpenOffice and GDocs community easier! Big Thanks!