Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Magic Toaster ;-)

Today at work I finished my little project called Magic Toaster ;-) [OK, I was only person who call this in this way, and this project closed itself in less then 5 methods ;-)]
Main idea behind this was to regenerate malformed SQLs to proper form. It was mainly for Oracle DB, which is very strict when gets SQLs. Many other databases are more liberal, and i.e. situation when after OREDER BY we use some columns not selected in SELECT is proper, but not for ORACLE...
Maybe it's because Oracle try to use relations algebra to made changes of SQLs? How I understand if we will translate queries to relations we may try to compare two queries and decide if those queries will select exactly the same data... This is only my guess... if Oracle is so strict without any cause... it's strange.... :-)

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