Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sources of JPC - x86 emulator in Java

I wrote some time ago on my blog about JPC - PC emulator written in pure Java.
From this time creators of JPC make theirs product open source and published sources.

Analyze of sources is realy interesting :-) We may see how in high level language are described computer parts.
CPU in general is a big SWITCH with amazing number of CASEs, one for each of opcodes. CPU instructions are coded in 1-5 Java lines. This makes code reading realy easy, and gives oportunity to understand how works all opcodes [thanks to this for the first time I start to understand how LEA instruction works :-) when I wrote in assembler I never can get it :-)]

I think that those sources are worth to see :-)

Maybe thanks to this somebody will try to port JPC on some PDA ;-)

From similar projects I think worth to mention is IKVM - JVM written in C# for .NET :-) [but sources aren't so nice to read as for JPC ;-)]

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