Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Sapiens" is really interesting

I'm reading Sapiens, and as for now (now I'm starting part about Scientific Revolution) I found 3 things, I didn't know.

First is this that agricultural revolution wasn't probably the best move from individual human point of view.

Second is this that liberalism assumes some superhuman source of truth. In humanistic liberalism believers assumes that somehow humans are the most important beings in the Universe and because of this they have rights to freedom, happiness and so on, second socialistic liberalism assumes that all humans are equal, and seeks source of it in some deity or similar thing which created all humans equal.

Third thing is something what I knew, but wasn't able to name it.
So according to Sapiens evolutionary liberalism in its early version was close to nazism. And sadly I need to agree with this.
It isn't in this way that nazism is result of Theory of Evolution, but rather this that Theory of Evolution showed that all organisms are different, and because of this they are not equal when play in environment. This leaded to this that stupid understanding of "survival of the fittest" sink in in society.
And this connected with build-in in our culture assumption that ideals exists caused whole movement of "enlightened" people who merged those two ideas (so evolution and "survival of the fittest" with idea of existence of ideal organisms).
This caused whole ideology of eugenics. Where if you wanted good for humans you should promote "better" people.
Only crimes of IIWW made in name of nazism caused that happily this second part, so belief in existence of perfect specimens for each species was thrown out from science.

Interesting fact is that according to Sapiens only evolutionary liberalism isn't theistic in its core.

Interesting book :-)

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