Monday, January 28, 2008

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs 0.8 :-)

I had some spare time to finish coding of new features for AddOn ;-)
New in version 0.8 are:

  • new method of downloading of documents from Google Docs, this time without using of default web browser ;-) - author of downloading: Stefan Kolarov.
  • translation to Polish, German and Bulgarian. Authors of translation: Polish - me ;-), German - Pascal Herbert, Bulgarian - Stefan Kolarov.

    New version 0.8 you may find on extensions page.

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    1. Could you share how the method of downloading without an external web browser works? I have been trying to build a similar tool for Excel and cannot get get it to work.

      At first I figured I could use the export url feature to export the document (e.g. opening will redirect you to a login page then will immediately begin downloading the spreadsheet that corresponds to the KEVAL in the format specified after output=). I have been unable to get Google to accept my program's GET and POST requests in a way that produces this result. Having the details of your method would be much appreciated.

    2. Hi Przemelek,

      I think you have a great concept and am really excited by this tool. I just downloaded v.8.0 and am using it with (mostly Calc).

      It worked great at exporting files. Super easy.

      But I can't get the import to work. After verifying my Google account details are correct, I clicked Google Docs > Import from Google Docs > Get List... and the Get List bar went darker blue for a second, then nothing. No list.

      But there obviously were files on Google since I just successfully exported them there using your tool!

      Any suggestions?

    3. Thanks for the tool.
      If you want I can do the Portuguese (Portugal) translation.

      PS : I see we are "scarlet letter mates" ;)

    4. Hello!
      the gdocs extension is incapable to connect if the client is under a http proxy, i dont get export or import documents (Error with URI)

      Openoffice 2.3
      Ubuntu 7.10
      Java 1.6.03

      any idea?

    5. Doesn't seem to work (for me) at least on Vista. Got Java 6, get pop up box, insert login/pass, hit get list > open and nada..