Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Throw out 1 thing each day

I love to keep stuff.
I kept long time old computers, even when they wasn't working. I keep boxes, notebooks, papers, tickets and so on.
In short I keep a lot of stuff. A lot of useless stuff.

But from some time I'm trying to change it.

I started with throwing out one thing each day.

This may be piece of paper, broken modem or anything similar.

I'm doing it by last several weeks and it seems to work.

It started when one of my colegues from work decided to give away some books, which he already read, and decided that he will probably never read them again.

I would never do something like this. And probably never will do. But I like concept.

It's very rational.

So I decided to try.

Now I'm close to end of low hanging fruits... Most of stuff which was easy to throw out was already throw out... Now I need to start with more difficult thighs.

My ideal is to keep only things I really, really need, and several things which give me some comfort.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's alive... still ;-)

I think that it was about 4 years when I last wrote something here ;-)
So why I'm writing anything if I even don't know if anybody still read it?
To feel better ;-)

So changed by those 4 years?
I'm older, but this isn't so important ;-)
I changed work, from working for US company I started to work for UK company.
Earlier my code was helping people to move, by sending them on vacations, now my code or my work helps people in UK making dinners ;-) or to be more precise to order groceries online. My part is on side of warehouse and software which controls tons of hardware which makes it everything possible.
So I'm playing with moving directed graphs to database ;-)
And work with biggest code I ever met, I'm guessing it should be counted in millions of code lines.
To be honest I would love to work again for some US company. Especially somewhere in California ;-)

I own a flat ;-) and will pay for it for next 29 years ;-)

Bloggeroid is currently in version 2.9.8. I think I resolved for most of users the most painful problem it have with sending images to Picasa.
Some users still have it, but I think it is mainly because of some synchronization.
From my stats it seems that problem is rarer than it used to be.

I'm thinking about adding adds to Bloggeroid, as an option. So for screens like Publish and Progress I may start display adds, with button to turn those off, with possibility to turn them off for some fee, or for free.
This is only idea, I don't know if I will do it, but I like to think about it ;-)

We have elections here in Poland.... and this what is result of those is even worse then I expected. So I'm looking over for some job outside Poland ;-) Spain sounds interesting, and even US. Sweden seems still too cold.

Next 2 weeks I will in UK, and on on-call support for my biggest deployment ever, so I'm nervous and stressed out.
This works as some kind of anti-stress formula ;-)

I hope that being in UK I will have time for playing with Go (Java and JavaScript are still my most used languages ;-)), and maybe Firebase.

OK, I think I'm done for today ;-)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I want my Android back!!!!

As for now I'm delighted with my Nexus S running Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.
It's fast, beauty and seems to be very nice to battery.

But despite of this all, new Android have one big disadvantage...

Somebody stole all robots from it!!!!

In earlier Androids when somebody was calling you (or you was calling somebody), and this person haven't assigned image, you saw nice robot looking at you from the screen:

In Android 2.3 Gingerbread it looked like this:

This was continuation from earlier versions, like Android 1.6 Donut:

From the screen looked at you some nice Android...

In Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich somebody decided to resign from robot, and to replace it with some creepy face:

Without knowing that this is newest Android, I would think that I'm looking on some strange mobile thing from Microsoft.
It is worth noting that this on picture looks much better than this what you can see on real phone screen...

Everywhere where earlier you saw nice android, now you can see those creepy faces...

Additionally in GTalk in earlier versions you saw who from your list is using Android.
Even in Honeycomb (and earlier in Gingerbread) person logged-in from Android device seems like this:

But in Ice Cream Sandwich contact looks like this:

Android disappeared :-(

Also normal looking profile was replaced by this creepy face ;-)

So my message to Google is:
Give me my Android back!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloggeroid 1.9

After very long silence something new ;-) This time new version 1.9 of Bloggeroid.

Main difference between this version and previous should be visible when you will compare how it looked earlier:

and this how it looks now:

All screens was altered to be more readable and nicer.

Bloggeroid should looks nice on different screen sizes, starting from G1 (Android 1.6 and screen 3.2 inch), next Nexus S (Android 2.3.6 & screen 4 inches) and finally EEE Pad Transformer (Android 3.2.1 and screen 10.1 inch):

Additional changes are on post editor screen, button Publish was moved up, Reset was removed (now it is option in Menu), also near to tags you can see icon for working with localisation :-)
Nie są to może jakieś gigantyczne zmiany, ale przyznam, że mnie się podobają :-)

Download it using this link - Bloggeroid in Android Market.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs 3.0.0 - uploading without conversion to Google Docs :-)

OK, I just created new version 3.0.0 of OOo2GD.

This version allows you to upload documents to Google Docs without conversion...

But because extensions repository doesn't work you can download it only from my project page ;-)

New things are:
- mentioned above possibility to upload documents to Google Docs without conversion,
- working with ODG graphics, but only without conversion.

If your document will be possible to convert you will see upload document in this form:

New thing is this "Convert to Google Docs format" checkbox. If it is checked (by default it will be checked, and you can change it in configuration) OOo2GD will upload document to Google Docs with conversion to Google Docs format.
If it will be unchecked you will be able to upload document without any conversion, you will upload binary file, and will be able to download it without any conversions. This means that formatting, formulas and similar things will untouched by Google Docs.... Sounds great? ;-) But it has one big disadvantage, you cannot work with such files in Google Docs. Google Docs works for those documents as storage.

If you will try to upload something in "unconverable" format, for example ODG graphic, you will see Upload window looking like this:

Updating works as always, both with files (so those documents uploaded without conversion) and documents.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

OOo2GD 2.4.0 - folders and HTTPS ;-)

Today I got next e-mail from Zoho saying that they stopped supporting of HTTP connections, but users of my app are still using HTTP, so Zoho will extend time for moving to HTTPS for me, but I should change my code.
I like it :-)

So I'm doing it ;-)

As a result of this we have today new version 2.4.0 of OOo2GD ;-)

- near name of document/spreadsheet/presentation in Google Docs you can see folder/collection name for this item,
- under items list in Google Docs you may see row of "buttons" named as folders/collections in your Google Docs, clicking on it will filter list of items only to those with this "label".

- from now all communication with Zoho will be done over HTTPS (Google Docs communication should work on HTTPS from some time)

As for now OOo2GD doesn't support uploading of files without conversion, I cannot possibility to test it yet. But when Google will add this feature to any of my accounts I will start on adding this to OOo2GD.

As always, you can download new version of OOo2GD from OOo2GD page in extensions repository, or from project page :-)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

CallLoger ;-) Invigilate yourself ;-)

I like Android, it is a dream for programmer :-)

Some time ago I saw presentation prepared by some EU Parliament member who wanted to show how many cell operators know about you.
It was "movie" showing location of this person with information about calls and network usage.

I always knew that cell operators had such data, it is part of technology. Your internet provider also know Mac address of your computer or router. Cell operators know always where is your phone because in case of call they need to route transmission to proper BTS. So your phone login into BTS, or many BTSes (it depends from this which standard it is and so on)... So I wasn't shocked but I wonder "how difficult" will be to do something similar using only phone? ;-)

It looks that it isn't too difficult ;-)

First we need to handle incoming and outcoming calls. To do this we need to register ourselves for receiving some broadcasts: android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE and android.intent.action.NEW_OUTGOING_CALL.
How to do it I found here.

Next we need to create service which will obtain localisation, and will store into file info about time of call, direction (so incoming or outcoming), phone number, localisation (so latitude and longitude), accuracy of location, provider name (so GPS or Network, where Network describes both cell network and WiFi network), and if we will be able also "address". This is easy part, and most tricky thing for me was to wrote it in this way that we first will try to use GPS, and if we will not have location from GPS in 5 seconds we will try to use Network.

Last part is code for displaying results of our autoinvigilation ;-)

Here results on my Nexus S :-)

Here sample with result from Network (WiFi):

How you can see we have here rather good accuracy, about 60 meters (radius of circle shows accuracy). Btw. it is near KRK Google office ;-)

Here you can see more "global" ;-) view. Little circle near upper left corner is this what you saw on picture above:

Here how looks my all connections to now, from the right you can see Kraków and my connections in Kraków (those you can see on pictures above):

And now how it looks when almost only GSM network is used ;-)

If you are interesting in seeing the code, you can find it here.
If you want APK file, you may find it here.

Isn't it cool that you can write something like this in less than 300-400 lines? :-)

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