Monday, January 16, 2017

Amazon Prime Video suxx

At least for me ;-)

1) I can watch it only in web browser or on Android device... it doesn't work with Chromecast, XBOX One, my TV or Blu-Ray. It really suxx when you are sitting in the front of 49" screen and are watching movie on 10.1"... What is really funny, Amazon says on web page that it works with XBOX One and my TV....,
2) Season 2 of Man in the High Castle is unavailable on PrimeVideo page, but you are able to watch it when you will find it on,
3) It irritates you with content you cannot see... Yesterday I found Mr. Robot on Amazon and it was described as available because of being prime video customer, I clicked and it showed me that "Sorry, you cannot see this content in your location".... Netflix and Google Play at least don't show you titles you are not able to watch,
4) Name... anybody knows what is name of this service? Prime Video? Amazon Video? Amazon Instant?

But still... it stays with me next to Netflix, Spotify and Google Music subscriptions ;-)

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My road to automation ;-)

I'm looking on my GitHub repositories and I think that it is possible to see some common denominators in my projects ;-)

And it is even not this that I'm writing ugly* code ;-)

Let's see:
Note2WebPage - something what is intended to remind me when I'm visiting given page/domain about something (for example that I should use on Amazon GBP instead of PLN as currency),
clickbaitDetector - here I want to have something what will protect me from going after articles with click bait titles,
PocketTags - automatically adds tags to items in my Pocket base on some rules,
TimeToRead - adds to Pocket items tags with time range needed to read item,
Chrome2ChromeV2 - lets me to send page from one Chrome instance to another (usually on another computer ;-)),
LocaleSSID - was/is plugin for Locale which was intended to start some actions on my phone when I was near given SSID,
OOo2GD - was intended to make my life easier by making uploading/downloading documents from Google Docs to as seamless as possible.

It seems that all of those are about moving "my job" to computer.
About making computer doing things which may be burden to me.

I may don't remember things, don't need to classify things by hand and by head, don't need to look into articles to see how long those are (in tram it is useful, I know that my ride will take about 15 minutes and starting reading something for 30+ minutes will not make sense).

Ideally I would like to automate everything what is boring or difficult**.

I'm using this drive to automation even at work, thanks to this I will make about 5-10% of tests which are running now on server able to be run in developer env without server :-)

* - I know that my code isn't too nice, and for sure it isn't clean. But it resolves problems, and almost always is really easy to modify when needed.
** - what in wider overlook isn't perfect, boredom is source of creativity, and doing difficult things makes your aging better.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017


The most underestimated piece of furniture at home is whiteboard ;-)

Always wanted to have one, but it seems that this isn't a thing which you may buy in your corner shop...
But we live in Era of Internet, so this is not a problem ;-)

Usually in short term memory human can keep up to 7 elements, and often those are connected...
So you may draw those and thinking becomes easier ;-)

But I never learned how to use piece of paper and pencil, and usually don't have any near me.
So lots of ideas is being worked on in my head, and problem with this is that I don't have such big head ;-)

And here enters whiteboard, where you may write, draw, clear and keep important things.

So it is needed, but usually nobody buys it to home.... And in such home thinking is more difficult ;-)

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

4 steps of evolution of programmer ;-)

When you start to work as developer you simply takes tasks from ticket system, code it in the best way you can. Your biggest question is "when" tasks should be done.

Latter, you starts to see that some tickets are not described too well, and you start to ask questions "how" something should work.

Next, you starts to see that some features may not make sense. Your simple "how"'s change to full investigations where you try to find "why" something should be done.

Do we need it?
At some moment you start to question existence of some of features. And you starts to asks "do we need it?".

During "when" phase you think mainly about code you wrote, most important is to write it in clean way.

In "how" you starts to think about this how users will use it, important for you is creating something logical.

"Why" means that you tries to understand why users are doing some things in given way.
Most important becomes how you can help users.

Finally in "do we need it" you look on whole product and see it as a tool which helps users, and tries to eliminate everything what will work as obstacle for user.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Really first snow ;-)

Each year near begin of winter media and people wonder when will be first snow this year....
It strange because first snow in year was usually probably 10 or more months ago ;-)
So for 2017 my answer for this question will be 2nd January ;-)

OK, I know that I'm trolling.

To be honest it's first time from long time when my approach to snow is "whatever...".
This mainly because of this that now I don't have a car, so snow is not my problem ;-)
Earlier I had mixed feelings. From one side snow can look beautiful, from another driving is difficult with fresh snow.

I like to think that "throwing out" car was part of my throwing one thing daily mission... But for real it was caused by this that after colission on highway my car was not fully repaired, and I wasn't able to trust it...
And because of this that now I'm living near city center (this is Europe, old city having more than 750 years, so city center and near of it are cool and fancy ;-)) I really don't need a car.
And because of this snow is not so scary for me now ;-)

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Saturday, December 31, 2016


It was strange year.
Bad in politics, quiet good in my private life.
I changed job, now I'm working again in US company, much much better paid, and can see much more sense in this on what I'm working.
I visited Silicon Valley, saw San Francisco, saw Androids lawn:

Started to use Google Home, but didn't change phone.

At start of year I created mind map with my "goals" for 2016 and first I put was "2-4 weeks in US send by company" ;-)

So in this area it was great year.

I politics it wasn't good year.
I'm far from saying that this year (and several months of previous, to be honest in Poland we got bad government at the end of 2015) is a start of Apocalypse. But in some moments I'm scared. Not about myself, I think that "my social economic class" will not suffer too much, but even in such case it is sad to see what happens. And why.
Why is more interesting. It seems that in most of Western countries (lets assume that Poland is Western country) we had by last 20 or more years societies split by half, one half wasn't too happy with this how world is working and was trying to fix it, second half was teryfied by this what happens with the world and seen most of changes supported by first half as bad. Even if in general they gained on those changes.
It seems that 2016 is year when less people from first group was happy with supporting "theirs" politics, and second group choose to support people who promised them "safety".
But those wasn't big changes, still we have half of Western world identifying themselves as some kind of liberals , and second identifying themselves as some kind of conservatives.
Sadly liberals never choose too liberals leaders, and conservatives choose at start very conservative leaders...

So this was strange year... Let's hope it will not be peak year...

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Throw out 1 thing each day

I love to keep stuff.
I kept long time old computers, even when they wasn't working. I keep boxes, notebooks, papers, tickets and so on.
In short I keep a lot of stuff. A lot of useless stuff.

But from some time I'm trying to change it.

I started with throwing out one thing each day.

This may be piece of paper, broken modem or anything similar.

I'm doing it by last several weeks and it seems to work.

It started when one of my colegues from work decided to give away some books, which he already read, and decided that he will probably never read them again.

I would never do something like this. And probably never will do. But I like concept.

It's very rational.

So I decided to try.

Now I'm close to end of low hanging fruits... Most of stuff which was easy to throw out was already throw out... Now I need to start with more difficult thighs.

My ideal is to keep only things I really, really need, and several things which give me some comfort.

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