Saturday, June 17, 2017

Math is stupid....

It is a chance that in July I will visit again Silicon Valley...
Important word is chance.

Still some decisions must be made. Budgetary decisions ;-)

So I tried to calculate how much it will cost to ship my team for 2 weeks there...

Answer is: a lot...

So I'm not so sure if I will visit my favorite part of US...

And everything because of math... and this that I can use it sometimes...

Meh.... Stupid math...

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

My way to (parital) vegetarianism

I always wanted to become vegetarian.
I will probably never become one on 100%, but I'm trying to go in this direction.

Only cause for me to want to be vegetarian is ethical.

I don't like idea of this that we need to kill animals to eat those, and lately I started also think about this how animals are kept.

Those are my causes. I think that other people may don't share my point of view. It is OK.
I may don't like it, but its theirs choice.
And too be honest I prefer those who prefer not to see problem, than those who try to rationalise bad things which are happening to animals.

But wanting to be vegetarian is one thing, going in this direction is different ;-)

So I started to practice kaizen vegetarianism ;-) I simply try to eat as much as possible dishes without meat :-)
Lastly I eat only pizza during our company Thirsty Thursdays, so usually during a week I eat meat once, or twice.
And it is working for me.

So if somebody want to try, this is quiet easy way.

And you always need to remember that soon, we will have cultured meat and problem of animals wellbeing will disappear ;-)

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